Nova Wars


Frenzied PvP battles in a futuristic world


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Nova Wars is a real-time strategy game which puts two players face to face in exciting online duels that last no longer than three minutes. To win, you have to learn how to effectively use all of your troops. And there are lots of them.

The controls in Nova Wars are simple. As time passes you gain energy, which you can use to deploy units onto the battlefield. Of course, each unit has a different energy cost: weaker units cost less and stronger ones cost much more. If you so choose, you can also invest your energy in special abilities.

One of Nova Wars' strongest points is that in addition to PvP battles, which are obviously the main point of the game, there is an extensive single player campaign. Plus, finishing the campaign will unlock new units. And of course, you can also improve your troops little by little as you play.

Nova Wars is a great RTS game with truly outstanding graphics and a hectic combat system. You can finish an entire match in just three minutes.

Requires Android 4.4 or higher